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Thế Giới Viễn Tây 3 - Westworld Season 3
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Season 3

S3, Ep1
15 Mar. 2020
Parce Domine
8.3 (10,325)
Dolores sets out to find the architect of the Rehoboam; Bernard tries to blend in; Ex-soldier Caleb tries to find his way in neo-Los Angeles.
S3, Ep2
22 Mar. 2020
The Winter Line
8.2 (8,312)
Maeve finds herself in a new park and meets a ghost from the past; Bernard makes his way back to Westworld.
S3, Ep3
29 Mar. 2020
The Absence of Field
8.2 (7,818)
Charlotte grapples with reality; Dolores and Caleb begin to form a key partnership.
S3, Ep4
5 Apr. 2020
The Mother of Exiles
8.8 (9,047)
Bernard and Ashley infiltrate a private charity event, while Dolores and Caleb make similar plans; The Man in Black prepares to re-enter society; Maeve comes face to face with an old comrade.
S3, Ep5
12 Apr. 2020
8.0 (8,489)
Serac's past is revealed; Dolores pressures Liam for access to Rehoboam; Caleb is dosed with an unusual party drug.
S3, Ep6
19 Apr. 2020
8.3 (7,331)
As the world falls into chaos, Serac gains control of Delos, changing Charlotte's plan; Maeve gets one last chance to stop Dolores; William starts his therapy.
S3, Ep7
26 Apr. 2020
Passed Pawn
7.9 (6,844)
Caleb gets an insight on the true nature of his past; Dolores seeks out Rehoboam's predecessor, while Maeve tracks her down; Bernard, Stubbs, and William escape from all the chaos.
S3, Ep8
3 May 2020
Crisis Theory
7.2 (8,419)
Dolores' true intentions are revealed; Bernard confronts a ghost from his past; Maeve is conflicted; Serac's voice is dominant; Caleb's role is revealed; and William faces an unexpected villain.

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